Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tough Cookie by: David Wisniewski

Tough Cookie by David Wisniewski was a fun and creative story that would be perfect for a 1st or 2nd grade class! This was a tale that took a creative spin on the life of a cookie in the "jar" and the dangerous fingers out on the loose. The main character "tough cookie" goes through a battle of how to stop the notorious fingers after his old partner "chip" almost is taken away. He goes on to win the battle with the help of the "crumbs" in the end. I thought this was a fun book to read for both young children and adults. I think my favorite part of this story was the creative beginning where there is a blueprint of the jar and told you the different stages of cookies or in a sense social classes are found there. I thought it was a creative little extra that added more detail to the book. Another great aspect of this book were the illustrations. This comic story was brought to life with amazing cup-paper illustrations. The bright and bold colors captured your attention right away. Overall I really enjoyed this story and would definitely consider reading in my future classroom.

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