Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Picture Day Today! by: Megan Mcdonald and Katherine Tillotson

I was actually kind of disappointed in this book, I completely expected something different. Not that I didn't enjoy this story, I just thought there was going to be more to the plot and story line than what was given. This is for sure meant to be read to younger readers such as kindergartners, I think any age higher would find it boring. This pretty much is a short story of a class full of different art supplies gathering to get together to take a class picture. Each page highlighted a different supply with colorful and bright pictures to draw the readers attention. In the end when the final supply or classmate arrives, the glue, the supplies all come together to form a different creation/character. Over all I thought this was a cleaver ending in showing how the class is not complete without every supply/student. This book would be great to lead into an art project that would maybe include some of these items. The younger students will really enjoy the larger print and illustrations that seem to jump off the page

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  1. Dear Bed Time Favs,

    You are right, this is a book for very young readers. An introduction to creativity and a way to encourage creativity in children.

    The seed for the story was planted on an afternoon that the author, Megan McDonald, spent with her three-year-old niece. They sat together at a kitchen table with paper, buttons, pom-poms, sequins and all manner of things spread out in front of them.

    The little girl had never been introduced to glue. Imagine her delight when gradually, bit by bit, a clown emerged!

    I like to think that this new book is a metaphor for all of us. We each put ourselves together, bit by bit, in surprising and totally unique ways.

    Katherine Tillotson