Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rapunzel retold by Lynn Roberts

Rapunzel is just one of those classic fairy tale we've all grown up with and love. Lynn Roberts fun spin on the tale helps bring it alive into today's age and to appear to be more realistic or likely to happen, which I think makes it more fun for the reader. The story still goes as expected, but is now set in the 70's and gives Rapunzel a more hippie vibe. Her lazy evil aunt plays the role of the nasty lunch lady to her "prince" or high school rocker boyfriend, which causes trouble and leads to the end of her beautiful long red hair. The ending is very witty by having Rapunzel creating her own wig store. I really enjoyed this story! I think it would be a fun read aloud to children up to 2nd grade. The pictures have great little details that also reflect on the time period, which was really fun to notice. I really liked how unlike in the classic tale they don't make Rapunzel such a damsel in distress, they show her having fun on her own and then in the end being successful, which I thought was great and sends a positive message to females. This version really added humor and steered away from the stereotypical female character in most classic fairy tales and is one that I really think would be enjoyed by most younger children and adults.

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