Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let's Do Nothing! by Tony Fucile

I thought Let's Do Nothing was such a humorous perspective of two young boys trying to think of something new or "nothing" to do. This book really made me laugh out loud with the illustrations used to show the characters' imagination. The basic plot of this story is of two young boys who have run out of things to do and the different ways they try to accomplish doing nothing. One of the characters, Frankie, lets his imagination get the best of him and ruins their attempts to do "nothing" countless amounts of times. I really enjoyed this book as I believe most younger readers would do the same. This is a story that mostly anyone can connect to because we have all had those times of where we say we just want to do "nothing" or that there is "nothing" to do, but after reading this story it reminds you that you have to be something. I feel that this is a fun reminder to readers to really use your imagination and do something. As the characters figured out, it's impossible to do nothing, so you might as well do something fun.

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