Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shopping with Dad by Matt Harvey

This is a great funny rhyming picture book for younger ages. A young girl and her father go grocery shopping together while her mom is at work. She gets so excited and can hardly control herself. She lets out a loud sneeze and ciaos erupts in the store and everything seems to go wrong. People in the store become restless by all the accidents occurring and an arguments start. The blame game starts and it finally is revealed that the little girl started this whole scene and soon everyone works together to clean up the mess. This is a great story in showing that accidents do happen, but they can also be fixed. Some things I loved about this story that would be great for children to see in their literature were the different races of characters. I thought it was great to finally see a mixed relationship shown in today's picture books. Also this book play a role reversal with the dad going grocery shopping and the mother was at work. These are all positive things to show to children to give different types of families that are all around us. I also like the positive relationship the girl had with her father, even though at some points he would show his frustration they still dealt with their problem in a positive way.

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