Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Horrible Harry and the Mud Gremlins by Suzy Kline

I love Horrible Harry novels! I think they are great first time chapter books for young children and although the main character loves to break the rules and cause trouble the book always seems to have a positive message in the end. In this tale of Horrible Harry he comes to school with a cool magnify glass necklace and tales of finding mud gremlins just beyond the school yard. He then leads his friends to break the rules in going into the restricted area at recess. Filled with humor this is a tale about following the rules that I am sure all young readers will love. Suzy Kline does a great job of telling the story through a kids point of view, which helps them relate to the story. I thought this book was so funny and lead back to childhood memories of breaking the rules and the first time I looked through a magnify glass and how everything was so cool and exciting. I think this would be an exciting book to both read aloud to young children or to ask them to read aloud to you. This is a great series for young readers that is both exciting and funny.

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