Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Max's Logbook by Marissa Moss

Marissa Moss creates such fun and different types of novels for young readers that are so funny and exciting to read. If you are familiar with Amelia's Notebook series this is a the same concept with more of an attraction for a male audience. This is Max's log book where he shares the characters in his life, a comic book character he created, fun experiments he tries and details on his parents divorce and his feelings. I loved this book. I love the style where there is so much to look at so many details all over the page and wonderful illustrations that could almost be real children's doodles in their notebook. This is a great book for older elementary children with the topic of divorce that is filled with some common concerns and feelings that they often feel in this situation. I also love this book because it could lead into writing so well. It shows a journalist type of writing that is both fun for kids and gives them a chance to fully express themselves. This is definately and one on one type of reading there are too many fun details that the read would miss if it was read aloud. I would for sure recommend this book for old elementary boys because it highlights some common thoughts and intrests that they could connect to.

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