Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Never Eat Soggy Waffles by Patricia J Murphy

This is an informative text that I found for students. The title immediately caught my eye! This is a great book filled with different mnemonic memory tricks that I remember learning back in grade school and would be very helpful to students. It is filled with a varied amount of subjects from math, science, and geography. This book explains what a mnemonic device is and even gives you tips on how to create your own. The illustrations and bright colors and bold words help in remembering. I think this book is great! I know it's not your normal picture book more of a nonfiction read never the less I think this is an amazing book for elementary student to have and to hold on to. Teachers could also benefit from this book by sharing ideas and memory tricks to the class as a whole. I think this a great book filled with some of the mnemonic tricks that so many people used to and still use.

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