Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Crazy Day at the Critter Cafe by Barbara Odanaka

I absolutely loved this story!! Barbara Odanaka uses rhyme and onomatopoeias to keep the story flowing. I would personally use this story as a read aloud story for kindergarten or 1st graders because of all the sounds and expression used through out. I found it hard to read quietly to myself, there was so much you could play around with when reading this story to a class. I didn't think there was much to the plot of the story, but it really didn't effect how much I enjoyed reading this book. This was a fun quick read about a bus full of critters being dropped off at the Critter Cafe and all the trouble and ciaos they cause on the one waiter and cook in a short amount of time. Young children will really be engaged in this story with the way the story is told which really helps put the reader into the ciaos of the cafe. The illustrations help tell the story by adding little details through out every picture, you find something new each time you read it. I feel this story could lead into some great activities dealing with both food and animals. I would recommend this story to all younger elementary teachers.

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