Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Hat That Wore Clara B. by Melanie Turner-Denstaedt

This is a fun and beautiful story that explores the African American Baptiast tradition on Mother's Sunday and the relationship between a girl and her grandmother. In this story the main character, Clara B., loves her grandmother and more than anything wants to wear the big beautiful hat she wears to church every Sunday. She tries to find the perfect moment through out the book and is some how stop by getting to asked to do little things for her grandma. Finally in the end she gets the opportunity to try on the hat when things go hay wire and ends up ruining the hat. In attempts to stay out of trouble she attempts to fix the hate and writes an apology to her grandmother. The following Mother's Sunday at church her grandmother has a special gift for Clara and is wearing her newly fixed hat. I think this was a really cute story that also showed a different type of cultures traditions that not everyone is familiar with, they even add a part in the back of the book to further explain the traditions. The reader will fall in love with the beautifully done and bright illustrations through out the book that help further create the scene. I think this a relatible story for most children regardless of the race because I sure they have all experienced taking something that doesn't belong to them and some how the situation going bad, I know I have many stories like that from when I was younger. This story has a positive ending of forgiveness, which is an important lesson to teach young children. I really enjoyed this story!

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