Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So far I have found this class very enjoyable! I love that my homework is to read books that are actually fun to read and get a chance to respond to the, which add to the social aspect of reading. I think all of our class discussion have been valid and I come away with more knowledge that can improve my future classroom. I really like the freedom given to us in this class, which is refreshing to have in a college course. I think the novels we have read so far in the class and discussions we've had concerning the issues you could come across when reading them with your students really opened my eyes. I never thought about how much you have to think about the repercussions you may face as a teacher when making a book choice for your students. I think just talking about some of the issues you and other teachers have faced really helped get me thinking about how I would handle certain situations. I've always enjoyed reading picture books and novels , but after this class I have really began to think deeper about the effects and messages they contain.

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