Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Standing Up by Marie-Anne Gillet

Standing Up by Marie-Anne Gillet is humorous book that goes through the struggle of a young boy learning how pee standing up after he spots Manneke Pis, the famous Brussels statue of a boy who "pees" standing up. Though this book exaggerates the boys experiences by creating funny locations in a harmless matter, many people find this book completely offensive. Some feel that this book sets a negative example for young boys and were it is acceptable to go to the bathroom. I feel it has an opposite effect. I think this book would be quite entertaining for younger boys who are just figuring out peeing standing up is a lot harder and messier than it looks. The illustrations in this book are simple, but funny. Though they may seem inappropriate to adults, when thinking about it in the intended audiences view, toddler boys, these pictures would be great and they would find them very funny. I would recommend this book to any one looking for a funny break when actually going through the process, it will be a book you both will laugh at!

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