Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rapunzel retold by Rachel Isadora

Rachel Isadora put a creative spin on the classic story of Rapunzel by making the setting an African village. She stays true to the original storyline while highlighting her values of family and marriage. She started in with the reasoning behind the name Rapuzel and for her being locked away, which is often left out in many retellings. Her writing is very simple yet detailed which would be great for a read aloud. The collage work in the illustrates is amazing and really captures/creates the setting and plot line of the story. I really enjoyed this version of the story because I found it refreshing to have characters that were not typically associated with this tale. This story would be a great choice to use when comparing different retellings of story and seeing how the characters race and setting effects the plot line. I would definitely recommend this version to anyone opting for a less traditional view point of this classic Brothers Grimm tale.

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