Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Uncle Bobby's Wedding by Sarah Brannen

As you can tell from the cover of the book this book is dealing with same sex marriage. Though this book may not make it on some most controversial list, the subject of homosexuality to some is still seen as inappropriate for young children. This book I feel like is very positive in showing acceptance of gay marriage for children because they don't even treat it as an issue, but more as they happen to be gay kind of deal. This story is about Cloe and her favorite uncle, Bobby, who is about to get married to his partner, Jamie. She expresses her jealousy issues of having to share him with Jamie, and them starting their own family. In the end she realizes that she is not in fact losing an uncle, but gaining one. I really like of how the author never made it seem like there was anything wrong with marriage and by giving Jamie a unisex name the reader isn't quite sure if in fact he is a male or not. There was no sense in difference among the characters life styles which I found refreshing. This is a positive story for children to read to understanding the different emotions we feel when there is a change in relationships in the family. I found nothing negative about this book and on the other hand uplifting. I do recommend this book for young children in showing that same sex marriage is indeed no different.

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  1. I really like what you said about the author not even approaching this book like it was about gay marriage. i feel like this is a great way to show the issue. What better way to show that something is normal, than to present it in a completely average way. It was very clever of the author. I also agree with you that this is a positive story for children to read. I wonder about making the main characters animals though. What kind of message does that send? Did the author make the couple animals to make it more accessible to young children? Or is there a perhaps latent message that says, two men getting married is like a couple of guinea pigs getting married, it never happens?