Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Daddy's Roommate by Michael Willhoite

Daddy's Roommate is a controversial book dealing with homosexuality. This picture book helps children understand the topic of homosexuality and the different kinds of living situations that can occur. This book focuses on a boy whose parents recently divorced and his father who lives with his partner, Frank. This book has been featured on many banned list for young children due to its controversial topic. Personally I didn't find anything inappropriate with this picture book. The topic of homosexuality is often confusing for children and having picture books about this topic can make them feel less different or understanding to the different living situations and life styles their parents may lead. I would have no problems in reading this book to young children although I would feel it would need to have a discussion following it to answer any questions they may have. The only problem I had with this book were how much it followed the different stereotypes of homosexuals. The illustrations in this book were at times humorous, if not completely ridiculous. The men, who are gay in this picture book are shown wearing Hawaiian shirts, popped collars, or muscle tee, all very stereotypical dress wear for gay men. I didn't think this story would necessarily help children fully understand homosexuality, but I found it general enough for young children to get the idea. I think this book presented a positive message in same sex couples for younger children.Though it was humorous in the way they presented the gay couple, I found nothing inappropriate about this book and feel that it does no harm in reading to children.


  1. I liked that you commented on the stereotypes because I feel like there are a lot of stereotypes about gay men. I also think that it would be benefical for children to understand that not all gay men wear Hawaiian shirts or muscle tees. Children should know that gay men look many different ways. I think that maybe stereotypes could be addressed when reading this book so children get a better understanding of gay men and homosexuality in general. I agree there is no harm in reading this book to children and it would greatly benefit them to have a little background knowledge about homosexuality.

  2. I read this book also. I was so overjoyed when I read the first page and it introduced the boy as having parents who are divorced. I thought that it was about time that I read something about someone with divorced parents. The divorce rate is so high that it is inevitable that children know of someone who has been divorced. Not only did this book take on that challenge but also homosexuality. I agree with you. I didn't find a problem with it either. I am impressed that you saw the stereotypical dress of homosexual men. Definitely didn't catch that my first read through! I will have to look next time!

  3. I'm glad someone else noticed the stereoypes when it came to how the men were dressed. The picture I thought was funny (maybe as a little jab to those who believe all gay men are flamboyant) was when they were doing yard work. I think one of the men was wearing a tank top and wiping his brow in a funny way. I don't remember for sure. Good book!