Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That's Why We Don't Eat Animals by Ruby Roth

After hearing excerpts of this book in class I was curious and wanted to read the rest. Ruby Roth wrote this book with intention of explaining to children the reasoning behind vegans and vegetarians, but can also be seen as controversial. Some feel discussing taboo subjects such as caged animals and factory farming in regards to the food we eat as inappropriate for young children. Roth shows her obvious bias opinion on eating animals with her text and illustrations. In the book she gives brief descriptions to both aspects of the animals’ lives, one for when they are living free in the wild and the other to when they are being produced for food. Her writing style is simple and sends out the emotion of compassion for animals and our environment, while not being too graphic in the text. The color choices used in the illustrations relays the emotions given by the text, by given the more positive view of the animals in their natural habitats with brighter colors and facial expressions. Though I am not a vegan or vegetarian I found this book to be quite positive and to give another opinion on the food choices we make. I think this story is appropriate for children and may spark questions so be prepared to answer. I think this picture book could lead into a lot of different topics should as animal treatment, food processing, and the environment and would be interesting to see how teacher would use in their classroom.


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