Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chester’s Way by Kevin Henkes

If your looking for a book to spark individuality in your children, this is the book for you. Once again the energetic character of Lilly is brought in to stir things up. Chester has a certain way of doing things and luckily so does his best friend Wilson. They are always together and everything is going their way until Lilly moves into town. Lilly has her own way of doing things.This book would be great to look at when exploring the topic of friendships and how we choose our friends. It show how something having a friend with a different personality and interest can be an asset and beneficial to you. Also it highlights how we should be afraid to nix things up a bit and try new things, they don't always turn out to be as weird as we think. Though this is not of my favorite Henkes' book it is still an enjoyable read that at times made me laugh out loud.

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