Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Big Elephant in the Room by Lane Smith

I just happened to grab this book off the new shelf and I am so glad I did. I found this book to be hilarious! Smith's whitey sense of humor is shown in this tale of two friends attempting to discuss the “elephant in the room” or really one trying to figure out what it is and reveals embarrassing information about his friend. He goes on and on listing possible issues that could be the big elephant in the room such as, when he ran away and left him with the bully. Finally at the end they unveil what they truly mean when asking about “the big fat elephant “in the room. Children would love this book for its comical guesses and illustrations. The illustrations help add to the text by adding small details and have a unique style about them. The format of the text with switching off font sizes signals what expressions to add while reading aloud. This is just a fun read for kids that they would love to listen to. I would definitely recommend this book as a fun read to share a laugh. Also I would be sure to look into more or Lane Smith illustrations in which he collaborates with authors such as Jon Scieszka, Dr. Suess and Rondal Dahl.

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